Plays Produced

Shakespeare in the Trailer Park

 Shakespeare in the Trailer Park is the story of the conflict between rural trailer parks Montegue Hills, home of the MacBreath family, and Capulet Acres, home of the Bacon family, sworn enemies for years over NASCAR Drivers. It is also the story of murder most foul, star-crossed love, nefarious plots and spying flamingos. 

Writer's Weekend


Elizabeth Brown, frustrated, unpublished writer, has arrived at ‘The Porches’, an antebellum bed and breakfast and writer’s retreat in rural Virginia, to facilitate a weekend writer’s workshop and whip a group of aspiring writers into literary shape. And she has her work cut out for her.  Her group includes, Prescott Moore, formerly Captain Fabulous, a B-grade television actor, attempting fine tune his play Rickets -The Musical, but when he encounters Zebula Nebulon, self published science fiction writer and a consummate fan, his former identity returns to haunt him.  Ed. R. Thompson, retired newspaper reporter, turned crime noir novelist, butts heads with Sojourn Word, angry slam poet from the suburbs. Desiree Lamoure, successful romance writer, and Elizabeth’s former English teacher, sets her bodice ripping sights on seducing Miles Stanley, a young technical writer who specializes in trains. The writers go through hook-ups and throw downs and genre switches as they hone their craft. Now to top it off, a major literary agency has sent their most critical agent, Roxanne Gold to attend the group’s end of workshop recital.

All In

All In is a psychological thriller. A mental patient goes missing while Jade, a recently admitted suicide attempt, confides in a mysterious new therapist. Their conversation leads them to reveal secrets they haven't even admitted to themselves.