Books in Progress


 When Professor Winward Ho, expert on Atlantis arrives at the site of the Noah's Ark archeological dig he begins to follow a trail that leads to the Vatican where he finds the Holy Relics of Jesus; a pair of Nike sandals, a mermaid necklace and a ticket stub from "Jesus Christ Superstar, and eventually leads him to the lost continent of Atlantis ten thousand years in the past.  

Khamel Towing

 Khamel Towing is the story of Belle Carter, a tiara-wearing, Virginia Slims smoking southern girl who finds a baby in a jar floating in the river. It is also the story of a sex-slaver preacher, lot lizards, Kudzu Jesus and roller derby. Oh and the conjuring up of the plagues of egypt to rain down on a truck-stop. 

A Cast of Crabs

When 16 year-old Charlie Byrd is sent to spend the summer with his Grandmother on a strange island in the middle of the Chesapeake bay, he discovers a coven of Crab-worshiping witches. Now his only hope is to kill the Crabfather before he becomes the next human sacrifice. Along the way he re-connects with his first love.  

And Your Little Dog Too!

 When Frank Baum published the Wonderful Wizard of Ozin 1900, his characters sought things that reflected the values of the American culture at the time - a home, brains, a heart, and courage.  Welcome to my novel, And Your Little Dog Too  where in 2018 their counterparts want only one thing – overnight fame and fortune.